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WAA filters: Exclusive to WAA existing customers, not sold to the public.

Filter Purchase Guide

Step 1: Double Check Your System Code

  • POE+POU 6 STAGES: Point of entry system + Point of use system (undersink system)

  • POE 3 STAGES: Point of entry system ONLY

  • POU 6 UNDERSINK STAGES: Point of use (undersink system).

Step 2: Choose Your Purchase Method Select from our 4 categories.

Use the 'Browse by' button below to find what you need.

  1. Buy Filter Individually: Ideal if you only need to replace specific filters.

  2. Buy Bundle : Comes with a bundle discount & Save money by purchasing filters together.

  3. Subscription: A 24-month plan with fixed monthly payments & Offers the lowest cost and peace of mind.

  4. Subscription with on-site service [Metro Only] : Includes the 24-month plan with fixed monthly payments, plus convenient on-site servicing in metropolitan areas for the lowest cost and complete peace of mind.

Additional Service: On-site Filter Change

  • Available exclusively in metro areas.

  • Check your location's eligibility before purchase.

  • More details available in the 'Call Out Service' section.

View Filter Subscription Terms and Conditions:

Customer Service Hotline: (02) 8528 4645

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