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WAA filters: Exclusive to WAA existing customers, not sold to the public.

Attention: Combining one-off purchase filters with subscription (recurring payment) items in the cart may result in system errors.
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POE + POU 6 Stage Filter Subscription (Filter Only) - $420/Year [2-Yrs Plan]

POE + POU 6 Stage Filter Subscription (Filter Only) - $420/Year [2-Yrs Plan]

The WAA POE + POU 6 Stages Filter Change Subscription is the perfect solution for those who want clean and safe drinking water all year round.


With a fixed monthly payment on a 2-year subscription plan, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your water filtration system is taken care of.


This subscription includes a minimum of 2 years sign up, with odd years covering the 2nd, 3rd stages (POE) and 5th, 6th stages (POU), while even years cover the 2nd, 3rd stages (POE) and 4th, 5th, 6th stages (POU). The 4th filter, an RO membrane filter, is due for a change every 24 months on average, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety for your drinking water.


Total Filter Quantity for 24 months:


  • 1st stage is for free (POE)
  • 2pcs*2nd Stage (POE)
  • 2pcs*3rd Stage (POE)
  • 1pcs*4th Stage RO membrane (POU) - even year only
  • 2pcs*5th Stage (POU)
  • 2pcs*6th Stage (POU)


Price Options
One-time purchase
POE3+POU3 Stages
24 months subscription
$35.00every month for 24 months
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